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Studio News

We wish you have good health and happy new year!

2015. 1. 1

Wow cool!!

New Year's cards full of originality, thank you.

Studio News

It’s a Girl’s Festival soon on March 3.

The antique dolls of Emperor and Empress.

Stone of KITADAKE summit in Japan Alps is decorated

instead of gilded folding screen.

2015. 2. 26

These must be buds!?

Look forward to blooming

The coffee trees

They’ll be grow up into coffee farm some day.  

We would be owner of the farm?!

QUER coffee News

2015. 5. 2

It’s the fourth year from nursery tree

Studio News

QUER coffee News

2015. 5. 26

2015. 5. 28

Grow fruit tree

Harvest ripened berries

Harvest Juneberry ;  Amelanchier canadensis

Eat them with homemade yogurt

Self-sufficient style

Love it!

Eventually, Coffee tree in my room bloomed!

Would be farming coffee in the future?

Thousand flowers begin with an flower.

Go for it!

Studio News

Harvest season of Plum  


Cooked Plum Jam at home

2015. 6. 15

Got 6.83 lb of crop

Thank you so much, Dear Neighbor!!

One big bottle of

plums preserved in

salt for Umeboshi

Studio News

Harvest of Autumn



Gingko nuts

Wow, Strong fragrance!


2015. 9. 29

Studio News



Annual exhibition will be organized

as follows ;

DATE :   Nov. 13 -  15  (Fri. - Sun.)

               10 a.m.  -  5 p.m.


Coffee News

2015. 11.21

Studio News

2015. 11.21

Unloading the works from kiln one day

Works of Wed.’s members

Like a Shade tree over the coffee trees

Let’s make Finca QUERSTA !?

    Snap pictures  Click here


Studio News

    Dried persimmon

Hang out the astringent persimmons in two to three weeks.

Semi-shade and Breeze dry the persimmons completely. It changes to so sweeter one!

2015. 12.8

Studio News

It’s Christmas soon!

Ornament a tree with stocking, dolls and


Why not replace the red stocking to

XXL-size one?

Preparations for this Winter

It’s a warm Winter this year

At last, Old BRISK appeared.

2015. 12.20

Old BRISK  since1896

The handmade brass cutlery & rest 


2015. 12.29

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