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Coffee cherry seems to be a little bigger than last year.

Sweet and sour, good fragrance.

Dry for a while inthe sun and rifine

Harvest season of Finca Quresta. It like a jungle.

Refreshing early spring day,

Visit to Sakaigi Jizoson, wishes for this year.


2020. 1. 15

2020. 2. 23

It’s Spring!!


What is this flower?

So cute

Wow Yummy!

Loving homemade breads

It’s scented of Ume blossoms in the early morning park near here.

2020. 3.18

Spring here and there in Quasta.

Memories of daffodil, flower language, Respect.

2020. 4. 2


Feel like rock garden, Quasta entrance

It’s quiet studio due to COVID-19 in these days

Cheered up by unloading of beautiful works

2020. 4. 7

2020. 4. 10

Original signboard made of pottery and iron.

Remove letters and clean up.

Wild tulips ?

Juneberry in peaceful spring day



Everyone wears a mask in town.

2020. 4. 21

Following end of the emergency declaration from

Yokohama City

We are resumed gradually.

For inquiries   →

Amethyst fall

Looking forward to the full bloom!


Noble purple

Our lady boss

We are attendant since 30

years ago.

Mask, gargle and frequent

hands washing are essential

during COVID-19

Virus disinfection with sodium hypochlorite

Sterilize frequently door knobs that are touched by hands

When sprayed, the virus also scattered

Spraying the paper towel and then wipe the door knobs

2020. 4. 24

2020. 4. 21

Unloading of biscuit firing

2020. 4. 29

2020. 5. 2

Knead the leftover clay to push out the air in it.

Ready to make the works!

Biscuit works behind are made by Eiko

Wonderful green curtain

Amethyst fall

2020. 5. 7

2020. 5. 13

Making pottery alone

so lonely..

Is there anyone who can come?

Under the oak on a sunny day

Open-air pottery

It feels very good!

Make the multi-purpose bowl using the leftover clay with wheel. Warp and bowl

Under the oak, we have created a pottery space for sunny days only. Two people of member can work together.

Please feel free to contact us

2020. 5. 17

Nigella has various  colors.

Very beautiful!

Nigella (center) Flower language: Love in a mist

Orlaya (left)  Flower language: a faint feeling of love, Pretty heart

2020. 5.26


Only a few people can be entered.

Mask is essential

Please enjoy tasting during roasting.

Thank you for your cooperation!

2020. 5.28

2020. 6.1

June berry has also bright red fruits this year too!

Plenty of harvest.  Let’s leave fruits for wild birds.

2020. 6.25

COVID-19 still not settled

Continue to make pottery in silence

Tyrannosaurus born from Asako’s hands

Cute !!

After the glaze work, take a snapshot.

Decide the next schedule,

Look forward to completion!

Curetex yarn coffee filter

Made Japan-paper from grass fiber, cut it narrow,

spun yarn, woven cloth.

Coffee filter made with great care

Extract both of coffees with paper made by

pulp in same time.

Well, the difference in taste...

Bitterness and richness are slightly improved.

Good job!

  1. 2020.7.1

  1. 2020.7.14

Pottery Kiln:

Under repair now due to

Heating elements breakage.

Tangle and weld both thicker

ends of elements.

Spurless columbine:

Germinated 9 seeds in sowing of 30 seeds.

I found young leaves in two of them!

Grow grow bigger

Bamboo lily and purple hosta.

So beautiful!!

Training before Kiln.

Wow, that’s it!

I am a welder today.

  1. 2020.7.28

Welding metal is filled.

it’s okay, PASSED!

  1. 2020.8. 3

Welded part of element after firing.  Perfect!

It has nice color !


First firing after repaired kiln

During the drying process, Eiko’s cups, Hiroko’s round

plates and Asako’s dinosaurs

  1. 2020.8. 8

Unloading of biscuit firing, we are waiting

for your glazing.

  1. 2020.8. 16

Small heptagon kiln that also has been worked in

Singapore for six years.

Keep it up, UK kiln!

Vietnamese coffee Napoleon Sang Tao 8.

Chocolate flavor makes me happy

It’s just perfect after eating Pho.

feel like Ho Chi Minh City!!

2020. 10. 2

  1. 2020.10. 2

Two electric wheels and

My favorite kick wheel under the light most right.

    Postponement of the 2020 exhibition

Everyone who is looking forward to seeing it every year.

Thanks to you, this year is just the 20th exhibition.

Pottery class members were working hard to prepare

for exhibition. 

But, it’s still the time to full attention, so it looks tough

to enjoy members gathering, love the works.

I'm afraid, I'm going to hold it while watching the situation

of COVID-19.

It would be nice to be able to hold it next year!

We look forward to working with you in the future.  Yoko


Ehakeme Gyo Cho Mon Tsubo (Kei ryu zan yo)

my study work in1984

  1. 2020.10. 5

Merry Christmas Ho ho ho !!

  1. 2020.12. 5


2020. 1. 1

Posters for Pottery exhibitions since 1994 - 2020

          On line exhibition for 2020

The annual pottery exhibition wasn’t held normally this year

Here are the photos and comments by members

It’s only Japanese version, sorry but

Please click the following poster and enjoy!

  1. 2020.12. 7

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