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We wish you have Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

Entrance of pottery studio

Decorated Kadomatsu; pine branches  for a happy newyear

Osonae;  an offering for god


it’s your turn, come on!

He performs brilliantly.

Coal stove

The S.M.Howes Co.

Boston MA. since 1896


Welcoming of Sweet Kay and her

lovely dog Ellie

2013. 01.13

The cups of new work with  convinced

coffee flavor.

A happy and peaceful time at home

Some photographs of Exhibition 2012 are posted in the photos page that click in the pottery button above.

Please look at it.


Thank you for waiting.

Nicaragua Limoncillo Javanica is received.

It feels us rich-bodey and high-quality taste.

This emblem of the farm is drawn the sun,

water, an coffee bean as a motif.        


            2013. 01.30

Green coffee beans

Coffee News

I got wonderful present  for St.Valentine’s day earlier.

Here are the hazelnut chocolates ! 

Thank you so much!

I’ll keep the chocolates until February 14.

Shall we enjoy it with excellent coffee.

Wow, so happy !


Coffee News

Pictures have just arrived from Ms.Tiffany who is one of the members

of the pottery class.

She enjoys morning tea with her original tea pot gracefully.

2013. 02.12

Pottery News

Coffee News

The Kenya AA Kangunu arrival!

The packing of the specialty coffee beans arrived from a partner.

When open up gas flushing; high quality and fine beans appeared.

I feel the sweet fragrance of the coffee cherry and wind of Kenya.

I seem to see the face of the local staff who works diligently at farm when I save the green beans

Roasted it at a best point.

Full body, mellow and comfortable acidity is splendid

2013. 02.25

Pottery News

Long time no see, it’s Pottery News now!

Title of the work is "This evening's banquet"

Here are the big dishes of four colors.

Now, let's enjoy the meal!

2013. 05.17

Coffee News

Limited number of ripe fruit Juneberry.

The crop that the fruit which a wild bird left is

the precious harvest.

2013. 05.28

Coffee News

Plum work

Harvested plums a lot!

It’s like a new golf ball.  Wow,so beautiful and big!

Great thank Old big plum-blossom!

Making Jam at once

A natural sweet fragrance is full.

Sure, I have to care my health and weight.

So, Reduce the sugar, but..

Okay, let's add it a little more. 


In order to long time preservation,

Sterilize the bottles in boiling water accompanying.

Well done, Yay!!

Plum wine and pickled plum.

Do it well or not?

Don't miss it!

2013. 06.18

Pottery News

White and pink variegated flowering Tsugazakura; Phyllodoce nipponi.

She pleases us every year admirably.

The vase of the bird is a setoff this year.

A mini pinholder fits the base


2013. 06.24

Pottery News

Reduction firing.

The flame in the midsummer’s night.  

2013. 07.20

Studio News

A big, antique clock is completed.

The masterpiece which takes five

years from plan to completion.

It works exactly for moment.

Dial-plate:  Used old cymbal

Hands: Cut & painted brass plate

2013. 08.01

Goods Press    September issue

Will be issued on Aug. 6 Publisher:     Tokuma Shoten

Special edition:     

  How to make of the secret base”

     Quer coffee will be introduced a little. 

        But, only Japanese one, Sorry!!

2013. 08.01

August issue is here

Studio News

Hi, Friends!

Here’s Annual Exhibition news.

Another twelve days!!!

From   Nov.8 Fri. - 10 Sun.

Open   10 a.m. - 5 p.m.




2013. 02.25

Coffee News

Young Bostonians who enjoy QUER

Coffee in Massachusetts.

Customer’s voice:

"It's really an unreplecatable joy to have this coffee..."                              


Studio News

Snapshot of 2013 Exhibition posted on Photos.    

                                2013.12. 8

Cleaned  the chimney up!

We are waiting for you.

Ho Ho Hooooo!!

                                           2013.12. 23

Merry Christmas !!

We wish you happy Christmas and

prosperous New Year!

Handmade  beads Santa Claus and

red stocking.

These are added for this Christmas.

Studio News 2013

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The season of verdure, Sweet scents of bell-etoile are borne on soft breezes.  It is a fragrance of the perfume which is refined a noble family.  The sweet fragrance produces morning coffee to enjpy in the shade of a tree in good quality more.

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