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We wish you have good health and happy new year!

2016. 1. 1

Wow cool!!

New Year's cards full of originality, thank you.

Studio News

2016. 1. 15

That’s it!!

One of the our special recommendation of Asian Cuisine Bak kut teh.    We love it!

2016. 2.19

The antique dolls of Emperor and Empress.

Today is the day called Usui.

Shall we display and enjoy the hina dolls of Girl’s day

festival by the day called Keichitsu.

2016. 2.26


Practical design comes from sophisticated work

Original coffee servers, Cups & saucers

The pleasure of hand brew!

2016. 3.1

SPICE!    No.075

You'll find the SPICE!:free magazine at over 2100 of shops etc..

Look at last page if you get SPICE!

                              Where are these shops?

                               Click here (Sorry only for Japanese)

2016. 3.1


Culture from ancient times to wish for good health

and happiness of girls.

The Emperor (L) and Empress (R).

Folding screen, Lozenge-shaped rice cakes are also so cute

The original ceramic dolls by QUER STUDIO

2016. 3.19

It’ll be broadcast on BS FUJI soon!

The new program, starting from April

every Sunday night 8:55 - 9:00 p.m.

The 1st time will be April 3 Sun.

Which round is our turn?

Pls. watch and laugh.


Production member sharpen their sight and hearing.

They concentrate to each work!

2016. 4.5

quoted : BS Fuji home page next one

Want to use good quality green beans

Green beans are here in QUER coffee, wrapped in vacuum pack or

polyethylene bag from far across the sea.   It’s costly than usual hemp

bag.   But, as if feeling wind of the region, air of the field and the faces

of co-workers are appear when unpacking.


2016. 4.22

Thank you for everybody!      After broadcasting of the program.

Recorded program and watched it, or

Just in case, Recorded it with two recorders to protect error

Or, not only recording, but also made the beautiful labeled DVD.

Can’t thank you enough.

These make me good motivation.

And besides, lamination too!

Home page of BS Fuji

Information of SPICE!  No.075

Thanks a lot!

2016. 4.22

Broadcasted on BS Fuji national network

The new program, the first commemorable


2016. 5.19

Finca Quersta     Quersta coffee firm ?

Pretty coffee flowers bloomed in this year again.

It doesn’t come flying bees and butterflies here in living room

Pitter-patter touch gently of a fluff in the bee's feelings

Look forward to harvest!

Unripe Plum Jam work!

Plum tree bears large round fruits a lot!

Making Jam and bottle right away!

2016. 6.1

Thank you so much

Dear Neighbor!!


Simmer and sweeten with sugar, cook until to a pulp.

That’s it!

Got  4.4 lb of crop

Rose and raw cotton

2016. 6.3

Coffee tree budding!

Pretty white buds a lot!

2016. 6.3

Coffee flowers blooming

How nice sweet smell!

Regrettably, the smell can’t to be delivered.

2016. 6.4

Will these really bear fruit?

Broadcasted on BS Fuji national network last Apr.

Web site is opened by the sponsor of a TV program 

Please watch it!     

(Language: only Japanese

2016. 6.14

Debut of a little chimney

How is it?

Gently, put mind completely into lettering

Excellent !!

Great !!   Look at these, Babies of coffee beans!

from finca QUER STA

2016. 6.27

2016. 7. 4

The cappuccino with plenty of steamed milk

Strong and flavorful Quer coffee is behind the milk

Hmm... I love it !

Brewed by this one that using five years favorites

         2016. 10. 11

The last spurt to the Exhibition.

After one more month!


Annual exhibition will be organized as follows ;


DATE :   Nov. 11  -  13  (Fri. - Sun.)

               10 a.m.  -  5 p.m.


The poster is being created now.

Everyone, come and see!

Walk of elephants

Brewing by Macninetta, open fire style espresso maker

Taste with strong and rich

Hmm... That’s it !

  1. 2016.10. 15

Trick or treat!

Happy Halloween at QUER STUDIO

Thanks to cute witch!!

Three cups : Trademark of QUER STUDIO

Looking for after firing.

16th EXHIBITION will be organized this year too

Do come and see us!

  1. 2016.10. 26


Thank you so much for coming.

Click the reception table, then enjoy the exhibition

  1. 2016.12. 2

Coffee News

  Christmas package debut  

  Original blend with African beens and Latin America’s one.

  Hmm  Rich and mellow.

Oh,  great!  Coffee cherries here!!

It has grown red already when I noticed.  

Let’s get started a crop!

                                              Finca QUER STA


Christmas Blend      Arrival, Unloading

                                       Thank you for waiting!

Christmas Blend      Carrying full load in a reindeer open sleigh

  1. 2016.12. 11

Let’s get to ready for the winter

Okay, Old Brisk,  it’s your turn!

  1. 2016.12. 11

Lovely Christmas ornaments

   ♬  Santa Claus is coming to town ♬

Wow, Handmade card!!!

       The warmest card from Southern country. 

       It’s very beautiful, Thank you so much!

The tropical fruit, Coffee Cherry!

     Looks delicious.          Finca QUER STA

  1. 2016.12. 22

After the party is over

                       This year has been a good year.  Thanks to you!

  1. 2016.12. 26

Susu harai:  In order for gods to watch your good health, happiness

for new year,  clean the household.  Welcome to gods.

Clean the fallen leaves near Sakaigi Gizo: Bodhisattva by residents’s

association.  Wrapped red & white paper around my broomstick and dustpan’s

pillar like event.  I accompanied cleaning in the precincts too. Then pray...

Attention the strap of bell.

Cleanse Quer Studio with pure broom and dustpan.

Wishing our no sickness, home safety and business prosperity!

  1. 2016.12. 30

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“watched it!!”

“Although it has short time period, your life, atmosphere, favorite

tools, a variety of the essence are expressed sophisticatedly, so


“I saw, It was very nice!”

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Crick here!

Depend on system, wouldn’t work properly.

Sorry for your inconvenience in advance.   Thank you!

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