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2017. 1. 1

Matsukazari : Landmarks for gods

New year pine decorations of QUER STUDIO

A Happy New Year

Greeted the rising sun at top of hill behind.

Thank you to you for every thing in last year.

Wishing our good health and prosperous new year!

The first roasting of the New Year

The New Year's mode.  Red dried corn and golden cranes.

The first roasting is that full city roasted of Kenya.

A New Year greeting cards

Full of originality, thank you!!

Partridge in a pare tree makes us Happy!!

2017. 1. 4

First time harvest at Finca QUER STA

Coffee cherry ripe to crimson

Little but very juicy flesh.   Fresh!

The parchment coffee beans that removed mucilage.

So beautiful!

2017. 1. 23

2017. 2. 6

Co-worker in old time came home from distance.

It was worthy time.    Join us again!

The first works of Newcomer

Plates, cup, and pot with cactus, Everything Wonderful!!

These are so fit to white cloth 

Seems to be enjoy rich time.

2017. 2. 7

The Girl’s festival : Hina-matsuri

Antique dolls in the comfortably warm sunshine

Wishing for girl’s happiness

2017. 2. 27

Eventually, Coffee trees of Finca Quasta bore the fruits.

Four years and eight months from cultivation to taste.

It’s tasty than I expected.


2017. 4. 1

The nursery coffee trees

July 2012

Pretty flowers blooming

here and there June 2016

Filled with sweet

fragrance in room!

At last, tree bears

the red fruits

The coffee cherry is

sweet slightly

Now, let process in

fully washed

Remove the parchment

after dry in the sun

And now roast is starting

Good fragrance

That’s it!

Well, what about taste?

Let’s taste firmly!

2017. 5. 17

It’s May.

Fresh breeze brings fragrance of blooming.

Verdure becomes beautiful day by day.

Calanthe :

Pick and put the calanthe that

blooms at under the tree into a

vase, look at flower and love.

Artist of two people

Delicate brush to unique shaping

Cornel :

Little cross-shaped petals attract us

Admiring for a while.


A horse of flowerpot is receiving guest by

the billboard’s pillar.  Welcome!! 

Five to six berries are drawn into the mouth.


I can guess the bird’s feeling.

want to pick berry strongly!

Harvest of June berry during firing of pottery.

Today’s timekeeper is busy.

2017. 5. 28

Molding work for today  

Small bowls, Beer mugs and Coffee mug, completed so many!

Completed firing, the finishing.

“Looking forward to using these!”

It’s fun, but not easy to control the clay as expected.

Have a good time for pottery

The coffee tree has put a lot of buds this year as well.

Finca Quasta.

The whole house has elegant and attractive

flower scent!

2017. 6. 2

Table arrangement of Ms.Tiffany’s home.

2017. 6. 20

The fable and evening primroses   

2017. 7. 31

Clerodendrum thomsoniae

Flower likes Japanese flag which flutter in the wind

The evening primrose which bloomed at my home


Flower meanings in Japan :  Best friend

                                                 Chance has come

                                                 Strong individuality

Squirrel :  How’s acorn?

Fairry :  It’s soon, isn’t it!

The flower has withered in orange next morning.

2017. 8.11

Quietly blooming the evening primrose

waiting for the night .  

Heart -shaped four petals are cute.


   Brewing whole coffee bean constituent included fat and oil

Recommended brewing

   Beans  :  24g ( 2 cups )  Medium roast  

                                            Medium coarse grouned

   Water  :  300 cc   200 ℉

  1. 1.Add the ground coffee into the Press

  2. 2.Pour water until the ground coffee are soaked

  3. 3. Wait 30 sec for swell

  4. 4.Pour remaining water and close the lid

  5. 5.In three and a half min, slowly push the lid’s shaft down

  6. 6.Pour into a cup

2017. 9. 8

Washing up

   In order to protect run down the coffee powder

   Glass container : wash after throw away the powder

   Plunger : Loosen the shaft and prewashing in the ball

2017. 10. 4


Annual exhibition will be organized as follows ;

DATE :   Nov. 10  -  12  (Fri. - Sun.)

               10 a.m.  -  5 p.m.


The poster is being created now.

Everyone, come and enjoy!

2017. 10. 17

17th EXHIBITION will be organized this year too

Do come and enjoy !


Thank you so much for coming.

Click the poster, then enjoy the exhibition

  1. 2017. 12 . 4

Early winter,  Old Brisk wakes up

Cotton tree and diorama

Modest Christmas ornaments

Ho Ho Ho!!   

Christmas blend coffee has arrived now

Coffee cherries ripe to crimson 

                                   Finca QUASTA  (?)

  1. 2017. 12 . 22

Make a wishing

Clean entrance with the prayed bloom and dustpan.

  1. 2017. 12 . 29

Pray to Ogizo-san and make a good luck in a broom and dustpan.

Entrance of pottery studio

Decorated Kadomatsu; pine branches  for happy New Year

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