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Happy New Year!

Wishing you have good health and prosperous new year!

2018. 1. 7

Gifts hand carried from Brooklyn and

Kagamimochi: round shaped rice cakes

A ruler for inch and centi.: General election Nov. 8th 1954

Model Railroaders issued 1964

Cool Jute twine as Quer Studio can’t miss

A pencil for calligraphy        Hot chili chocolate

Bottled honey     NABISCO’s cookies   Bison’s jerky

Thanks for so many interesting things!!


2018. 1. 8

1st unloading for New Year

Biscuit firing completed

Look forward to Firing, so excited, can’t wait!!

Very happy things, Pine twigs and folded paper cranes.

Full moon (?) and Pine twigs

Wishing this year will be good and happy

Roses decorated last exhibition have been reborn

as dried flower.  Great!

2018. 1. 12

2018. 1. 25

Eiko and her favorite first works

Everything completed so nice!

What’s the next one?

Look forward to it!!

Coil building small bowl,  Cat shape flower pot

are most favorable!

2018. 1. 29

Yoshiko  Sake lees soup looks yummy in her works

Ummm,  That’s nice!!

Luxury coffee time

Espresso of Macchnetta in Singapore's coffee cup

And, Kyoko's handmade breads

It's fluffy and cute!  Can’t eat it  ❤ ️

2018. 2.25

2018. 3.24

2018. 3.24


The park below Quer Studio

Yaezakura bloomed in full, Somei Yoshino also flowered

it’s a pleasant spring

Okinagusa bloom looking down secretly

Thinking about the flowers clustered in the hills and fields

Eiko’s pretty cat informed us of spring one step ahead

2018. 4.10

Mie, A cup of the first work, challenges to double dripping

around rim.

Eiko watches over it.  Beating heart !

Eiko, Natsuki and Mie, with a serious look at

unfamiliar glazing.

Well, How the baked up will be?   Excited!

  1. 2018.5. 12

I cooked Gratin right away!

It’s very tasty with my handmade baking vessel  ❤️     Kyoko


Wild birds come and go out in the Quersta’s Yamaboshi tree.

As I prick up my ears, I can hear small twitter.

Wow!  the  bird's nest is over there!

  1. 2018.6. 14

“ Wait a moment,

I’ll catch another one and come back shortly “

“ Here’s meal, keep you await ”

“ Cheep-Cheep, yummy mommy, more! ”

  1. 2018.6. 18

Sunny day during the rainy season,

I picked up wild flower in the field, admire the

beauty of the flowers.  Hemerocallis?

  1. 2018.6. 30

NIGERA’s seed looks like the witch.

English flower name is “Love in a mist”

  1. 2018.8. 21

Wow, Cicadas borne from the coffee tree in living room.

Besides, two of the cicada’s shell !

Ms.Motokawa (left) and Ms.Yokohama(right)

“ I wonder what I should make... “

Artistic works:

   Kieko’s Kitchen accessory case 

   Eiko’s Coffee mug and Seal that has dog’s grip


Shop-houses left in Singapore which mixed European culture with

China and Malay. Assembled post card cut-out that received from

friend in Singapore.

The two shops on right side are Coffee and Craft shop,

Wow, Those are almost same as Quer studio! 

  1. 2018.10. 7

Lovely life and residence of artists


Traditional architecture in Singapore

Each and everything,  Très bien!

Window decoration of pine cones

Montmartre museum and Vineyard nearby

Renoir and Utrilo also enjoyed the inner garden swing


  1. 2018.10. 7

I am the happiest cat in the world.

There are beautiful her works here and there


A small white house under the vineyard is Au Lapin Agile.

Picasso, Utrillo, Van Gogh, Renoir, Lautrec also used to visited

this Shansonier that has opened since the 19th century.

Large mulberry and stone paved patio.

Fascinating Singapore era friend Valérie’s house

Au Lapin Agile

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                 CLICK photo

Pear tree bears a lot of fruit

A black cat’s hook like that!

Très bien!   can not stop it.

Bar at home.

Works on wall

Drunkard 6 ranking

THE SUBURBS OF PARIS     : villers le Bacle

Léonard Foujita (1886-1968) ‘s house

Came from far away, his house is almost there!

The kitchen, living room, atelier, and also painting materials

are kept as he is here.   Keeping original.

It seems like it was invited to him.

Unfortunately forbidden shooting.  Let’s record in memory.

Prepare for winter

keep firewoods tidy


Lucie Rie (1902-1995) ‘s Pottery studio.        :  V&A museum

Am i disturbing you?


Grenier à Paris is romantic

Chanson is on replay in my head

World Heritage City Bordeaux

300 years history is also seems like being in an apartment

in the historic district. Floor has slope a litte.  But, I don’t

feel it if I keep still.


Comfortable life at basement flat surrounded plants

Oh, that’s it!!

Just tasting seems to get drunk

Annual exhibition will be organized

as follows ;

DATE :   Nov. 9  -  11  (Fri. - Sun.)

               10 a.m.  -  5 p.m.


The poster is being created now.

Everyone, come and enjoy!

18th EXHIBITION will be organized this year too

Do come and enjoy !

  1. 2018.10. 16

  1. 2018.11.15


Thank you so much for coming.

Click the reception-desk, then enjoy the exhibition

  1. 2018.12. 1

Ho Ho Ho!!   

Christmas blend coffee has arrived now

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