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Happy New Year!

Wishing you have good health and prosperous new year!

2019. 1. 1


Calligraphy for the beginning of a New Year

Well written, free and easy!

Matsukazari : Landmarks for gods                                                         

                         The good luck charms consist of Pine, Straw                                

                         and paper

O-toso                                          Drink sake in the morning               for celebrate a New Year                       Fantastic!

Sakaigi-Jizo-son is popular sacred place in local

Join a long queue for worship

Even if you wish so much,            Everything will come true...                         Is it?

Mt.Fuji, Yokohama landmark tower view on New Year’s Day from near Quer Studio.

Watching the sunrise on New Year’s Day from top of the hill behind Quer Studio.              Wishing good health and happiness for New Year.

This is the Wild Boar year

Petit cake

The works of Cake shop Pâtisserie Riz Feuille near Higashitotsuka st.

Cute Kumao-kun must be go well with Espresso coffee

Looks C’est bon !

Let us eat

Everyone, Concentrate on making pottery

2019. 2. 7

2019 . 2 . 23

2019. 2.16

Yuka and Kyoko are moulding by wheel  for today

What will be done?

Dish or Bowl?

The part of unloading

Works of Keiko, Kieko, Yoko and Michiyo

The buds of Someiyoshino are still tight

The flowering of Someiyoshino : center is still ahead

2019. 3.21

Quietly bloom

Okinagusa:Nodding anemone

every year

Beautiful white clematis Armandii

2019. 4.18

Refreshing fresh green of Quercus serrata decorating

the entrance of our studio

June berry white flowers, soon

To the red fruits that invites wild birds

“Rice bowl” will be trimming next week

New member Utako, first works  by forming with coils.

2019. 5. 1

From “HEISEI” to “REIWA”

This new era name  is quoted from Manyoshu:

May 1st is the day of

Lilly of the valley.

Jour de muguet

2019. 5. 3

Flower meanings :

Welcome   Friendship    Steadfast   Poetry   Youth

American Wisteria,  Amethyst  falls

50cm height,  5 buds

“REI  WA“  

Kanji character “REI” is looks like this!

The new emperor and empress’s enthronement,

Plant a commemorative tree in celebration


Cabernet Sauvignon

The coffee flower

Sweet scent spread throughout the room

Nice smell!

2019. 5. 21


The seeds, we ate delicious grape at

winery in Bordeaux, France trip.

Cabernet Sauvignon in the right pocket

Merlot in the left pocket

The seeds brought home have been sprouted!

In the coffee cockpit, Mr. Rooster too!

While roasting, such a fine picture is completed

It is a great talent!

Oh Yeah!   ( by QUERSTA picture diary )

Nice family

2019. 6.22


樹高 45cm に育ってます

2019. 8. 4


Growing to 45cm tall.

Cabernet Sauvignon

It’s 50 cm tall now

Asako who works happily, and her lovely grapes pattern cup

2019. 8. 4

Fumino’s first glazing, selected raspberry yogurt and peach.

The flat plate is today’s work.

2019. 8. 16

In boy’s hand,  Proud of father's picture.

ESPRESSO, souvenir of trip to Italy

Grazie!   Grazie mille!

2019. 8. 30

Today’s works and a cute bitter gourd

Ajillo pot by Yoko,  Cutlery rests by Kieko

2019. 9. 9

Fought against heavy blow in typhoon this early morning.

Few timbers of wooden wall surrounded studio have been

lost away. I have no hands free to protect kilns.

Oh my god!

Another eight days until the Exhibition

Place the potteries in to the kiln gently

Last loading

2019. 9. 29

2019. 9. 30


Annual exhibition will be organized as follows ;

DATE :   Nov. 8  -  10  (Fri. - Sun.)

               10 a.m.  -  5 p.m.


Hi guys, come and have fun!

2019 12.10


Quality check of green beans

The process of selecting good beans determines the taste of coffee.

Beautiful red fruits

Harvest season of Finca Quasta

Merry Christmas!!

Assembled Raffles Hotel Singapore (Paper Craft from a friend in old good days)

Historic hotel opened in 1877.

Maybe listed into UNESCO World heritage in future ??

2019 12.24


Thank you so much for coming.

Click the reception-desk, then enjoy the exhibition

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