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Iron plate and pottery sign board
Left and right posts are gas welded

DIY,  It's great fun!

I like to live surrounded by my favorite tools, equipments and furnitures. These are filled with memories. These make me more attached as use. If it breaks, Repair it. Then, if solve it, “Well doooone!!” I also like to get my favorite tools on the market. I'm excited when find it. However, I couldn't find it so easily, or It’s good for neither this nor that. It’s useless.
That's why I often end up making it myself. Make with materials that suit my taste. It's hard to find such a material. After all, it is better to prepare from usual. No worries if keep it. Therefore, it is a valuable material for my home, but it is quite close to rags. If I don't throw it away, it will be useful one someday ... It's a waste of things and can't be thrown away. Sometimes I pick it up on the way. Things that get old and taste better, things that just get worn out. Carefully selected (?) Keep them like treasure. I processed my favorite materials and made various handmade products. We are planning to introduce it on this site little by little. It's like my home album, but add description with a simple caption. What's this?

I would be happy if you could love it.
Thank you!

Signboard of QUER STUDIO

Conception sketch


  Combination of rusty iron material  
   and pottery letters   
Iron plate : t4.6mm Iron pillar : t4.8mm

The first signboard


  At the time of completion,  
there was a single letter of pottery.

New entry of "coffee beans"


  Feel familiarity and momentum in the letters.  
   That's it!   

During inspection and maintenance


  To stay with moderate rust,  
   reworking the coating.   

The letters of pottery are screwed.


  Make holes on the back of letters,  
   fix the screws with adhesive.   

Outdoor lamp

Sketch map


  Hold our favorite lamp high  

Set up a pole vertically


  Install the mascot with pedestal on the top plate. Gas welded, screwing.  


Rough sketch


Bending steel plate, then welded by Gas

Install the mailbox to a pole


On a snowy day

Functional and cool
Simple and easy to make


The handle is a piton.
Small glass window for mail.
With intercome.

Clock on the wall

After all, there is no choice but to create.


  Searched for this and that even on our trip, but couldn't find the one that suited our taste.  
  Clock face: Trim the circle of a Zildjian cymbal to fit the rim.  
  Rim: Cut the antique brazier,
make the rim.  
  Hands:Copper alloy thin sheet, painted white.  
  Lettering: painted thick paper white.  
  Glass cover: Cut to round at glass shop.  

Big Ben, London

big ben

What a rare encounter during construction. The dial made by opal grass as stained-glass. beautiful.



Form looking up at the Empire State.
A model:Ms. mmm 

Hour and minute hands


  create various images.  


Operation check


  The minute hand can't rise in 43 minutes, Movement is replaced to a power type.  

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