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QUER is the prefix of the botanical name of QUERCUS SERRATA, the white oak tree planted in front of our entrance. QUER means "good quality" in the Celtic language. The free and light hearted atmosphere of QUER STUDIO is enjoyable for crafting pottery. The coffee roasting shop in Higashitotsuka QUER COFFEE, in order to get excellent tasting coffee, I take time to slowly and carefully roast our favorite coffee beans with our vintage roaster. I'd like to share our excellent tasting coffee more and more over a long time.


From HIGASHITOTSUKA sta. JR 20 minute walk
OR Taking bus: Bus stop #1 at Station / East Entrance. “214 for Higashitotsuka” Circulates to / from “Higashitotsuka sta.“ Get off bus at “Jindokyo-Ue” : about 10min. from sta.. Back to crossroad and turn right. 50m walk to QUER STUDIO from bus stop.


Sakaigi-honcho 25-7 Hodogaya-ku
Yokohama city
Tel +81-45-743-9018

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