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Quer studio Antique Coffee grinder Collection
Functional body design, Beautiful handle curves.

焙煎機図面 煙突

We use Jabez Burns & Sons Corporation's double barreled sample roaster that roasts beans using direct heat from an open fire, roasting a small amount of coffee beans at a time. This vintage roaster has a long history and was patented by the JB&Sons Corporation in NYC in the August of 1909. Many other direct heat type rosters continue to follow JB&Sons' example. Today, while no longer manufactured, it is still used regularly for cupping tests, quality checks or retailing by coffee bean brokers, analysts, or roasters because it can help the character of the coffee stand out clearly. We strongly recommend enjoying how wonderfully flavored coffee can be when roasted by this vintage sample roaster designed by JB&Sons.

First shipment from unloading of roaster

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